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Providing next level data insights & inventory management to increase sales and drive profit.

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Specializing In

Sales Forecasting & Financial Goal- Setting

Inventory Managment

Data Analysis & Custom Reporting

Merchandise Assortment Planning & Category Managment

Auditing & Establishing Operational Best Practices

The Retail Results Plan


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Tiffany is such a wealth of retail knowledge, both in terms of how things work in regular retail as well as how to think about things from a Direct-To-Consumer perspective. Everything from planning to strategy, she has a ton of best practices that are applicable to even a brand-new business like ours. Tiffany brought incredible value to us, especially as we set up infrastructure, reporting, and planning processes for the business. We know that we are set up for success on that end because of Tiffany.


She is incredibly sharp, knowledgeable, and able to come up with actionable insights on how to run our business. Tiffany took an inventory management process that was unmanageable and made it something that is easily doable on a week-to-week basis, saving us hours and hours of work.


We highly recommend working her!

- Jane Dong & Heather Eaton
co-founders of
Frankly Apparel

Tiffany was the first person I called and recruited when I first joined the Cotton On Group.  She was integral to building our merchandising capability from the ground up. Starting with a clear operational and reporting framework, Tiffany balanced her expertise with learning what was best for our organization. Our brands' growth in the US is directly related to her skills and contributions to sales forecasting, inventory and category management, and assortment planning. Specifically, Tiffany’s work in our Kids brand led to 38% CAGR during her time in role.


Throughout her career with us, Tiffany was regarded as the best in her position. While data-driven, she also draws inferences from the customer’s point of view to inform decisions and forward strategy. She has the unique ability to develop effective relationships in a way that makes herself and others better – plus, she is simply fun to be around. Often, when key individuals leave, a company is set back. Tiffany’s value to our Group has lasted beyond her departure and continues to impact our business and culture.

- Mark Pan

CEO, Cotton On USA

Tiffany and I first started working together in August 2021. Her guidance has streamlined my operations and I cannot recommend her work enough.

Tiffany has been pivotal to Sublime's success. Through her data analysis, foundational retail knowledge and strategic direction, she has helped me implement retail operations that have been crucial in driving incremental sales and profit.

Not only is Tiffany passionate, energetic and dedicated, she delivers results. In the time that I've worked with Tiffany, Sublime's net profit performance increased. And with Tiffany's guided direction, I've also been able to improve my merchandise gross profit performance.

Tiffany also set up a reporting template that has been a key factor in how I review my business weekly, giving me guidance on what aspects of the business to prioritize. Conversing weekly with Tiffany, hearing her perspective on the business based on analyzing the data was an invaluable educational experience. She is extremely knowledgeable. Run, don't walk. Book her now!

- Renée Olson,
Owner of
Sublime Frenchtown


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