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Meet Tiffany

Founder & Chief Strategist

Tiffany is a southern California native and lives in the Pasadena area with her husband, two children and two dogs.  After graduating from UCLA, she spent 16 years in the retail industry working for national and global corporations, managing businesses upwards of $100MM annually.  She has a continuous track record of growing apparel brands profitably through strategic financial and merchandise planning, data analysis, profitable inventory management, project management, establishing operational best practices, and creatively leveraging cross-functional relationships.

In 2020, the world watched the inequities and injustices marginalized groups experience in everyday life come to light in a manner that could no longer be ignored.  Tiffany felt an enormous pull to contribute as an agent of change to help eradicate the economic inequities that continue to present themselves to marginalized communities.

​​With a particular interest in women and minority-owned and run businesses, she is dedicating this next chapter of her career to be part of the change. Through leveraging the knowledge and tools she’s acquired from her corporate experience, she intends to help emerging and growing brands catapult their sales and profit to the next level.  

​Outside of her passion for all things retail, she is a co-host and co-producer of the award-winning TITT Talks Podcast, a podcast for modern womxn living in a mama world.  She and her co-hosts founded TITT Talks to make strides towards creating a world with more AAPI representation for themselves and their children.

​Tiffany was also the March 2021 guest host for the Dear Asian Americans podcast which is a podcast for and by Asian Americans, focusing on authentic storytelling rooted in origin, identity, and legacy.  In celebration of Women's History month, Dear Asian Americans hosted six AAPI women from diverse backgrounds and career paths to celebrate, support, and inspire the Asian American community. 

​In her spare time, she enjoys networking, meeting new people and leaning into dialogue centered around mental health advocacy.  She is passionate about the AAPI/BIPOC community and their experience.  She also is known to enjoy a sweaty workout session.

​Stop AAPI Hate

Black Lives Matter

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